It all comes down to the wire...

Deadly Burger

Sometimes the burger bites back.

Power Play

Joe and Armstrong are engaged in combat. There is more to their fight than meets the eye, however. Find out who is pulling their strings!

Not a Love Story

When charming but somewhat rowdy first grader Alex falls in love with his "perfect" classmate Zoe (and declares it with insistence), the little girl, well-mannered and studious is troubled and terrorized as she becomes the laughingstock of her class.


Faced with outrageous hospital bills trying to save their terminally ill daughter, a family is forced to accept the unacceptable.


Two boys in poverty carefully carry a bowl of water back to their anxious family.

From the Outside Looking In

When John's attempt to be part of celebrity culture goes awry, the struggling Hollywood photographer finds another way of capturing glamour.

The Wheels Keep On Turning

When Fausto's accident sends him into a lifeless retirement home, his attempt to disassociate himself turns him into the life of the party.


Emma and I

A mother-daughter team embarks on a mission to bring their own sense of justice to the world. When they come across a target who throws their plan off-course, they find themselves trapped in their own revenge.

C'est magique!

After the death of her magician grandfather, a little orphan ballerina goes out in search of her magic in the world.

Untitled Screenplay

Having a fear of commitment, Ryan is forced to make the tough choices on women, work, and life before he loses it all.


Suffering from constant nightmares, Lana seeks help from the newest technology that can help decipher them, only to find that diving into her subconscious unleashes even more darkness.