Chasing a dream and not achieving it is scary. But not having a dream to chase… that’s downright terrifying.

Hollywood Has Been

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Logline: Facing cancer, a forgotten Hollywood star must make a comeback to achieve his once abandoned dream.

Synopsis: Robert Riddle, a once famous Hollywood star, retired from acting when his wife passed away while he was on set. Decades later, facing his own ticking clock, Robert must return to fulfill the dream that he and his wife once had. That's when he meets a young actor named Sam. This buddy dramedy juxtaposes the worn out, cynical, old-fashioned Hollywood star, to the inexperienced and naive actor. Witness the transformation in the duo as they clash in values, technology, and technique. The elder has to learn to let go of traditional ways and adapt to be more contemporary. While the younger absorbs all of the experiences and stories taught by his mentor to improve his craft. Ultimately, they each found purpose and enlightenment happiness through this unlikely alliance.

Film References: As Good as It Gets (1997), Million Dollar Baby (2004), Whiplash (2014)