If you want to live, hold your breath!

Jiangshi - The Revival

Genre: Horror

Logline: An amateur news team travels to China to search for the legendary Jiangshi (Chinese vampire zombie), and releases monsters that should have stayed sealed forever.

Synopsis: Gloria, a reporter struggling to find a story to elevate her career, stumbles upon the legend of Jiangshi. These creatures of the night are a cross between a vampire and a zombie. She convinces her editor to let her lead a small team to China to uncover Jiangshi secrets. Once there, they are guided to a cursed village where things go awry.

One by one, members of the news team start to disappear. Mysterious hopping sounds haunt the village. Will Gloria and the remaining survivors be able to escape from the ancient evil?

Film References: Don’t Breathe (2016), Silent Hill (2006)