"Finding Dory"

I was worried that the sequel to the beloved “Finding Nemo” was going to be a disappointment. The trailer did not thrill me, and the recent, unimpressive “The Good Dinosaur” from Disney Pixar did not boost my confidence in them. However, I was relieved to find that “Finding Dory” is a good film with plenty of fun moments.

The central plot was quite simple. Dory recalls some childhood memories and sets out on a journey to find her family. It was exciting to be back in the colorful, underwater world of “Finding Nemo.” The flashbacks work very well to reflect on all of Dory's present day antics and deliver some tender moments. That being said, the gag of Dory's short-term memory starts to lose flavor after the first 15-20 minutes of the film. The true stars of this film are actually the incredible new line-up of supporting characters.

Hank the oct... I mean the septopus is the most entertaining co-star to Dory. He is bitter, sarcastic, and nothing ever goes his way. The interaction between Hank and Dory is genuine and hilarious. The duo sea lions are full of energy. Becky the bird is wacky and the imprint ability is outrageously funny. Bailey's over the top excitement to show off his “power” and Destiny's charming personality also add to the overall delight. And who can forget Baby Dory? I know she's technically not a “supporting” character, but she steals the heart of the audience whenever she appears on screen with her bulgy eyes and cute little voice, never quite pronouncing words correctly.

"I suffer from short-term rememb-ory loss."

Overall, it was a fun night watching “Finding Dory.” Though the film is not as emotionally heart tugging to me as many of Pixar's previous hits, it still had brilliant moments and fantastic characters. So bravo, Pixar for winning me back. But actually, you had me before “Finding Dory” even started. And this isn't taking any credit away from the film itself, but the most memorable moment of the night was “Piper.” Y'all know what I'm talking about.