Indyred Film Review "Power Play"

pack a lot of excitement into a very short time frame

  The imagination of a child is astounding. Most of us simply dismiss it as a diversion of youth but I believe that the stronger it is when one is young, the more creative the person as an adult. It really is a shame many of us are taught to let go as we get older; the possibilities of keeping it would be endless. "Power Play" allows us to enter the creative minds of three children, locked in an imaginary battle using their toys as the action heroes. We, the viewers, get a peek into their fantasy world as the action pushes on. Not a bad way to spend three minutes I can safely say. Director Rock Chang, with the help of some professional martial artists, pack a lot of excitement into a very short time frame, breaking up the action via flashes into the "real" world. The resulting short film is both cute, fun and even, at times, quite exciting! Anyone who loves the lighter side of the superhero genre will really get a kick out of this... pun intended. 
  As I've come to expect from productions involving Rock Chang, "Power Play" is quite nice to look at. Featuring some good camera work and in this case, excellent audio, this particular production has no problems telling it's story. The bulk of the short film consists of comic book styled action sequences that look great, but can, at times, feel a little forced or awkward. Those strange but brief moments are really hard to put a finger on, as I try and explain them, but I personally believe it comes down to the edit itself. Piecing together martial arts sequences are tough simply because it's not justabout the flow of the narrative; it's also about the angles. Still, for an indie martial arts film "Power Play" handles the sequences well enough that most people won't give the action a second thought, simply enjoying the sequences for what they are.
  The wrap-around cuts to the kid scenes, and content itself is a great tactic both for comedic effect and for the story as a whole. Of course, as with the action sequences, all this is handled in an excellent way.
  Long story short? "Power Play" is a fun little three minutes with a little added bonus. Once you watch the short film, you can skip over and check out the behind the scenes segment; also clocking in at around three minutes. Although not truly informative, it's a fun little piece that leaves you feeling like you actually know the cast and crew. Maybe using the term "know" is a little over the top, but I'll go with it all the same. "Power Play" is also a freebie, you really have no reason not to watch! While you're doing that why not be a star yourself and send them a vote by clicking the following link.

"Power Play" Interview with Halo Halo