Indyred Film Review "Shattered"
For the mental work-out alone, this is a film worth watching.

  There's something about the work of writer, director Rock Chang that always seems to hit me on a personal level. In some form or another. I would like to think I'm not alone. Actually, I'm quite certain of it. The subject matter of the films I've seen from this man are usually of the emotional kind. Something a good many people can relate with in one form or another. "Shattered" is no different, yet in this case, the content is veiled in a way that made me really stop and think. Thinly veiled I should write. As much as the actual content wasn't thrust straight in my face, it was obvious enough to make me think about what it was I had just watched. Because this is such a short film, I went ahead and watched it a second time, just to be sure I wasn't simply clueless. It was early morning after all, and many times, I've had different takes on productions I'd watched before finishing my morning coffee. Nope. I was right the first time. My thoughts on "Shattered" were just what they should have been... and what a clever way to visuallydemonstrate an illness, while at the same time infusing it with the sorrow any person would have... given the situation. This title clocks in at just under three minutes, so if you want a full description you're better off simply watching the film. It would take nearly as much time as reading a decent sized plot summary.
  The interesting thing about "Shattered" is how it got me thinking of issues not directly related to the film itself. Assumptions and stereotypical trains of thought, that I suspect invade the minds of many people who are generally unaware they are thinking that way at all. When I think of someone with say... multiple personalities, or any generalized form of mood altering conditions, I never really stop and think that they could have any kind of "real" love life, or emotional attachments. While it is true that I've seen various movies where a leading husband or wife ends up "getting" sick, leaving their other half to attempt to take care of them, I've never really stopped to think that people already inflicted with mental illness, must get into relationships all the time. That old saying of loving someone for who they are, for most people, only applies to people who are mentally - what would be a good word - similar? This really is a ridiculous assumption yet... it's what myself, and probably a good many others think. "Shattered" really makes you question these assumptions without actually coming right out and asking those questions. For the mental work-out alone, this is a film worth watching. Maybe even twice.
  Visually, this is a great looking production. Hell, it's a great "playing" production all across the board. The real treat however, is in the reveal at the end. You may find yourself backtracking, as I did, just to be sure you have all the facts straight. This is by no means a bad thing. You won't find yourself doing a double take because things are confusing or poorly written, you'll find yourself looking back to make sure what you "think" happened actually didhappen. As I wrote above... clever clever. When the credits roll you'll smile at how much is packed into a few minutes. Very well done indeed.
  I think anyone who spares a few minutes will be quite impressed with this short little film. It's not every day I get to write that something is "clever" when referring to plot points. "Shattered" is a sad little tale where the visual presentation actually takes second seat to the story itself. This also happens to be a free title that is in need of a few votes. So if, and when you can, take a stroll over and have a look. Maybe drop a vote and share. Not only would it be much appreciated, but also much deserved.